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Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery & Crematory
-- Pets Deserve Respectful Aftercare Too --

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Customer Comments

Christina S. 5 stars (yelp) / 4/12/2017
This place is full of compassionate people that make the terrible experience of losing a family member an experience that is respectful of their life. The process is efficient and kind. I want to thank them for providing such care to our beloved cat, Diego.

Chaminie D. 5 stars (yelp) / 10/26/2016
I got my fur baby's cremains today and i cannot be more pleased with how everything turned out. The process of ordering and receiving everything was very stress free and the staff was accomodating every step of the way. I never felt pressured to buy more memorial items and the staff was very understanding the day my pup passed. They made one of the worst things to happen a little easier. Thank you for taking care of my girl.

Wendy G. 5 stars (yelp) / 5/7/2016
Absolutely loved the service we received here. They were very helpful and kind. Our paw print was perfect, the ink print of both his nose and paw was simply beautiful. They do a great job and the price is reasonable ! Would definitely recommend to other fur moms!

Lauren G. 5 stars (yelp) / 4/25/2016
It wasn't easy picking up Oliver’s ashes but The cemetery was inviting when we pulled up , they have a beautiful pergola out front. They gave us a paw print, certificate, poem, and a cute box that held the ashes of our cat.

M.K. 5 stars (yelp) / 6/5/2016
Thank you so much for the care and compassion you provided. My kids were in pain when we lost our beloved cat but how you handled the ceremony made our grieving less painful.

Kathy M. 5 Stars (yelp) / 5/22/2016
It must be tough working in an industry where you work with people whose hearts are broken every single day. With that said, everyone at this facility is very respectful in the way they handled my boy, not to mention, extremely sympathetic, patient and obviously understanding of my grief, upon picking up my best bud. I truly appreciated the compassion that they have for myself and mostly my beloved boy. The beautiful bamboo box that my baby come home in was a real surprise, as well as the name plate and paw print. I can honestly say that I am absolutely 100% satisfied with Sorrento Valley Crematory, and will definitely use them again, but hopefully not too soon!

Daniel A. 5 Stars (yelp) / 4/11/2017
I'm sure you hear this over and over but I want to personally thank you for making this process easier then I expected it to be. The love and care you provided to my Radagast is greatly appreciated. The paw print you provided was very touching and memorable. Thank you all for what you do at sorrento valley pet cemetery

Pat-C M 5 Stars (Google) / November 2016
I have been bringing my beloved family's pets to this facility since the 1980's. They have always been caring and efficient without ever rushing you when you are grieving. They have a variety of merchandise that is fairly priced to make it easier for you to decide on mementos, ash remain holders, etc. One pet is buried at their cemetery. Most have been cremated. There have been wonderful upgrades to the grounds and Lobby. It is very beautiful here, not sterile. It helps when grieving. Also there is a little chapel. This is a first rate crematorium. I am a loyal customer. Unfortunately, I will be delivering another beloved pet today. I highly recommend this facility. I transport my pets to them for our final "bye-bye". Everyone is different. They also have vet/home pick up services. As Winnie the Pooh said "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good bye so hard." Blessings to you.

Clare F. 5.0 star / 10/15/2015
The people here were great. They were very compassionate. They were extremely helpful and kind. We had a lovely memorial service, an Irish wake for an Irish setter, using their chapel and lovely garden. They groomed our sweet Tess, making her beautiful in death.
Can't say enough good things about Jerry, Natalie, Alex, and Lindsey, the groomer.
Also the fact that they only do single cremations means a lot. There is no doubt that the ashes we hold are the remains our beloved pet.

Sierra L. / Downtown, Portland, OR / 5.0 star / 10/14/2015
Woke up this morning to discover that my friend's sweet dog had gotten out & been hit by a car. Hell of a way to start the day. I did a quick google search for a place to bring Jamie & SVPC was at the top of the list. Quick poke around their website & reviews & we decided to bring him here. He loaded him into the car & we drove to SVPC. The kind woman at the front desk went through the paperwork with me while one of the employees (I wasn't paying much attention to names) helped my friend unload Jamie from the car. Neither of us could bear to stay there any longer so we left.

The process was explained simply, straightforward but very kindly. The prices seem high, but as another reviewer mentioned it's not really something you want to spend time on shopping around. I have every confidence that Jamie will be well taken care of while he is there.
The best thing was when the woman at the desk was mentioning how much they love slow days, even though its bad business because it means no one lost their beloved pet that day. Sympathy like that made the process a tiny bit easier.

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